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Soul Retrieval
Private sessions available In Santa Rosa, CA
A 3-hour inner journey designed by a passionate healer...
An integrated energetic body therapy combining some of the most effective healing methods available today...
A process of renewal, a re-discovery of your essential life energy.

Liz has created a unique 3-hour mind, body, spirit process called the Soul Journey – a sensory awakening experience that supports your sexual healing and will expand your capacity for ecstasy. Taking a Soul Journey will allow you to feel the universe supporting you in a new and powerful way. The Soul Journey touches your core essence and percolates and winds through the lower 6 bodies (causal, etheric, astral, mental, emotional and physical).

What Is a Soul Journey?
There are two kinds of contaminants stored in the human body, which can serve to impede or even fully block the radiance of the soul. There are physical or material contaminants from the environment, as well as emotional contaminants and residue from our experience of living...
hen comes Liz!

Your Soul Journey session begins as Liz aligns and cleanses the chakras, allowing for conscious healing directed by her from Source, directly to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self then directs these energies to go where they are most needed. In fact, Soul Journey work addresses all areas of your being... including your physical, subconscious, conscious, and your divine bodies. Your entire being is being “healed”, not just the obvious surface condition.

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Continuing on your journey of transformation, accupressure is used along with tuning forks, as we light up in depth. CranialSacral therapies are used along with Liz's vast array of healing and energy modalities. Tibetan bowls are incorporated for their sound and vibration therapy, in conjunction with the pulsing beat of drums... the power of which will reach your very soul. Other modalities used include raindrop therapy, (aromatherapy oils), Bio-Mat, (which incorporates negative ions, and far-infrared heat), and the Chi Machine (essetnially a lymphatic pump).

All the while, you will experience the healing energies of chanting/sound, breath, movement, touch, as Liz remains sensitive to and aware of your body's pains and emotional needs. In the end, your body is cleansed of toxins, both material and emotional... and thus the sunlight in every cell lights up again. Your soul awakens from it's coma, and you are free to become who you really are... who you always have been, and are once again.

At the end of your session, Liz provides you with exercises to do at home... to allow yourself to recreate this beautiful experience with cellular memory and live in fullest of ecstasy, in every moment.

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For more information, and/or to book a session, contact Liz Baughman:
(Phone) 707.583.9325 ~ Email: Liz@ecstaticwellness.com

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Beyond words!”
Crystal Morris, Sedona

“Like nothing you have ever experienced before!” Carla Collins, Ontario


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