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Detox & Cleansing
Coaching sessions available In Santa Rosa, CA or via phone

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The key to weight management is detox cleansing, not counting calories. Dr. Elson Haas (a.k.a.  “America’s Detox Doc” and Integrated Medical Physician, and a long-time friend and associate) says detox cleansing is the missing link to modern day nutrition, and is valuable for boosting the inner systems, weight loss, and overall health and well-being. This is what we have been witnessing at The Ecstatic Wellness Institute. 

I am convinced that when you allow the digestive system to rest, and the body to eliminate the toxins that have built up over a lifetime of abuse, processed foods and general acidic diet, your body will find it’s true weight. The false fat that we are holding onto is from your body’s inability to keep up with filtering the toxins out of the body. Give your body a break and rest the digestive system so it can function normally and regulate closer to your normal weight once again.

Before embarking upon a detox program, take precautions. If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, you should seek advise from a physician first:

  • Chronic illness, diabetes, low blood sugar, eating disorders, thyroid disorders (high or low function), and cancer. 
  • Pregnant or lactating women should not detox. 

It is very helpful to have a coach available as you move through the different stages of detoxification. Being a part of a group detox is also a powerful way to stay on track and have a built in support team.

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Why someone might choose to go on a detox program:

  • You rely on caffeine, nicotine, sugar or other junk foods to keep you going.
  • You live in an inner-city environment and are subject to pollution and chlorinated water.
  • You recently stopped taking prescription drugs or street drugs.
  • You generally feel tired, can’t sleep and are sluggish or congested
  • You suffer from constant bloating, poor digestion, gas or constipation.
  • You feel a quickening of aging symptoms
  • You are under a great deal of stress
  • You are overweight
  • You are feeling disconnected from Source 

Individuals with the following symptoms can benefit from this program;

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Joint pain or stiffness, chronic tension between the shoulder blades
  • Unhealthy skin, itchy skin
  • Constipation, poor digestion, water retention and bloating
  • Low energy, mental sluggishness or fogginess
  • Anxiety, depression or premenstrual systems as well as menopause symptoms
  • Excess dietary protein, problems loosing weight
  • Use of antibiotics, tetracycline or medications for pain.
  • Bad breath, foot odor, or excessive sweating
  • Allergies, chronic sinus congestion
  • Chemical sensitivity, exposure to pollution, solvents or other chemicals
  • Consumption of alcohol, caffeine, fast food, processed food
  • Emotional stress and anxiety

Preparation Tips Prior to a Detox Cleanse:

  • Enroll the support of a recommended naturopathic or naturally oriented doctor and follow his or her directions to enhance the experience.
  • Enroll the support of your in-house family members. If you can, encourage all the adult members to join you in your detox.
  • Pick a specific date and begin to prepare yourself mental a few weeks before.
  • The day before your start date make sure your grocery list is in order and you have a pretty good idea as to how the week is going to unfold.
  • If possible, try to fit your detox regimen into the new moon phase for optimum detoxification results.
  • Begin to cut back on red meat, white sugar, white flour, wheat, caffeine, alcohol, salt and drugs of any kind other than your needed prescriptions.
  • Schedule your workweek lighter during your cleansing time.
  • Smokers gradually begin reducing the number of cigarettes a day, if you are going to quit, now is the perfect time. You will find as you detox and alkalinize the body, the addictions that gave you a “feel good” will no longer serve you.
  • Do not eat after 7pm.
  • Start going to bed earlier and rising earlier. 10pm to 6am is a good idea.

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Detox & Cleansing


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